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Malaysia is a federal monarchy in the Southeast Asia. It comprises of thirteen states with borders with Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei. With capital Kuala Lumpur it has total land area of 329,847 square kilometers. The population of the country is 27.5 million with more than 20 million living on the peninsula. Large numbers of the people of the country have also moved out for better prospects and opportunity.

When outside the only means of communication remains calling, messaging and chatting. But nothing can beat the feeling and excitement of calling. But compared to local calls international calls are heavy on pocket. Advancement in technology however renders new means of making the cheap calls to Malaysia.

The idea behind cheap calls to Malaysia is VoIP technology. With large portion of the population having access to high speed internet Voice Over Internet Protocol allows users to make international calls at the price of local calls.

VoIP service is provided by the various online retailers like Phonekall. This service includes VoIP software that is downloaded in the system in order to make calls to any place on earth. The VoIP phone provided along consists of features like Caller ID, Missed calls, Dialed calls, Call Divert and Call conference.

VoIP software can also be installed in your smartphone provided it is running on any of the leading mobile operating system like Symbian, Android, BlackBerry OS, iOS etc. Just make sure that you have seamless connectivity to the web and you are free to make cheap international calls to Malaysia. Through VoIP you can make Cheap Calls to Malaysia through PC to PC, PC to Phone and Phone to Phone.

Another cost effective mode of making cheap international calls is calling cards. There are two types of calling cards available in the market like pre paid and post calling card. In the pre paid you have to get your card recharged in advance in order to make cheap calls. Post paid calling cards do not require recharging every time as bill is send after every month. These calling cards charge fewer prices when compared to normal calling and hence preferred for making international calls.

So, now you do not have to think twice while making international calls whether it is for personal or business purpose. There are varied rates available when it comes to cheap international calls to Malaysia.

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