8 Weeks Pregnant Staff Development For Educators

If you have a child who goes to a school, odds are you are well familiar with the concept of the day of professional development for educators, often simply referred to as a PD day. Depending on the mandates set out by your local school board, the number of professional development days that your childs school holds for its teachers, will vary. However, you can expect that your childs teacher will be attending at least one in every couple of months. With these days occurring so frequently, many parents have some reservations about them and worry that their child is missing out on education days without a valid reason. Rest assured, though, that these days contribute greatly to the quality of your childs education.

Many parents mistakenly believe that days set aside for professional development for educators are essentially paid days off, or are simply opportunities for teachers to socialize with each other. This could not be further from the truth! Professional development days for educators are exactly what they say they are an opportunity for educators to develop their professional skills and become even better at what they do. These days are spent learning about the latest developments in their profession and they also serve their students and help them to implement their full potential.

There are many activities your childs teacher might be participating in, during the professional development for educators sessions. Often, they will be taking in lectures, sessions, and demonstrations from various experts and innovators in the field of education. During these sessions, they will be learning about new research and development in various academic subjects, or on the process of teaching itself. When you think about it, most teachers only spend four or five years in university getting their degrees and will never return again, even though the needs of education change drastically over the course of a few years. As new scientific discoveries are made, curriculum needs to be changed and new concepts need to be taught. As new technological advancements are made, teaching tools need to be updated to match what children are being raised around for example, if you think you can still find a chalkboard in a classroom, you are in for a surprise! Things like smartboards and laptops have taken over, and its important that teachers learn how to use those tools. They cant go back to university every few years to relearn how to teach, thus professional development days are an important part to keep their lessons updated and relevant to your child. Professional development for educators plays a very important part in providing your child with the best possible education. Just like any other job where you might attend training sessions, seminars, and conferences to learn about new developments in your industry, it is important that educators take every opportunity possible to learn ways to get better at what they do. Having your child miss a day of school every couple of months is worth the improved quality of education they will be receiving from teachers that are informed and in tune with their profession.

8 weeks pregnant staff development for educators