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The Missouri New Vehicles Warranty Law, commonly called the Missouri Lemon Law, protects buyers of new vehicles by enforcing the manufacturer's express warranty. Missouri lemon law covers new self-propelled vehicle primarily designed for use on public highways with a serious mechanical problem that was purchased or leased in Missouri.

The Missouri lemon law states that the mechanical problem should be first reported within the first term of such express warranties, or during the period of one year following the date of original delivery of the new motor vehicle to the consumer, whichever period expires earlier. The manufacturer or its agent makes necessary repairs to conform the new vehicle to such express warranties, even after the expiration of express warranties or the one-year period.

The Missouri lemon law covers:

* All new vehicles sold or leased with warranty provisions
* Demonstrators or lease purchase vehicles as long as a manufacturer's warranty was issued as a condition of the sale

The Missouri lemon law does not protect:

* Used Cars
* Commercial and off-road vehicles
* Mopeds and motorcycles
* The non-chassis portion of recreational vehicles
* Defects occurred due to the negligence on the part of the owner
* Defects occurred as a result of an accident involving the vehicle
* Problems resulted from modification or repair performed by a non- authorized person or facility

According to the Missouri lemon law

* A buyer is not allowed to return a car within a set time and expect a full or partial refund
* Ascertain from a dealer if he has a policy to rescind a purchase contract

To qualify to get the protection from the Missouri lemon law the mechanical problem in the vehicle must

* Substantially impair the use, market value, or safety of a motor vehicle
* Render the motor vehicle nonconforming to the terms of an applicable manufacturer's warranty

The Missouri lemon law states protects your Missouri lemon law rights if

* The vehicle is in the custody of the manufacturer or its authorized dealer for repairs over a cumulative period of 30 calendar days or more
* Mechanical problem were first reported during the term of such express warranties, or during the period of one year following the date of original delivery of the new motor vehicle to the consumer, whichever period expires earlier
* The manufacturer is given a reasonable number of (4) chances to repair the mechanical problem in your vehicle
* You must send a certified letter to the manufacturer informing them of the nonconformity of the manufacturer's warranty

In most cases, if a vehicle's title is not properly transferred at the time of purchase, the sale is void according to the Missouri Lemon law. Before taking delivery of a new vehicle the Missouri Lemon Law requires you to make sure the vehicle's title has been transferred to you. The dealer typically does this by filling in and signing the transfer form on the back of the title. You then have 30 days to apply for a new title with the Missouri Department of Revenue before facing title penalties according to the Missouri Lemon law.

The Missouri Lemon law requires manufacturers to explain their complaint procedures to new car buyers. Most auto manufacturers have appeals procedures, with arbitration boards to resolve problems consumers have with the manufacturer or dealer. Check your owner's manual for contact information for your manufacturer's consumer appeals and arbitration center.

During or at the end of the dispute procedure, the manufacturer may make a settlement offer. You must decide whether to accept the offer or try to get a refund under the Lemon Law by going to court.

* You will receive a replacement vehicle of the similar value or a cash refund
* The manufacturer will buy back your vehicle, less the value for miles driven
* Before deciding on a particular course of action, it is wise on your part to consult expert Missouri lemon law attorney to determine the best course of action for your situation.

Keep all receipts and records concerning repairs to your vehicle. Note the purpose and date of all repairs along with the length of time your vehicle is in the shop. It is extremely important that you file with your Missouri lemon law attorney before your Missouri lemon law rights to do so expire.

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