Pregnancy Pillow For Stomach Sleeper

While the comfort of your body depends on the quality of mattress you sleep on, the comfort of your head and neck is derived first and foremost from the quality of your pillow.

To determine whether your pillow provides you with the best support, fold it in half and let go. If it doesn't spring back immediately to its original form, it's time to find a new pillow. Additionally, if you're continually fluffing, squeezing, or folding your pillow to get comfy, its not supporting your head and neck and you'll sleep much better with a new pillow.

Here's the Top 4 things to consider when hunting for that perfect pillow:

1- Comfort is derived from the best head and neck support for the unique position that you sleep in. Knowing your sleeping type will help you choose a comfortable pillow. The main types of sleepers are back, side, stomach, and combination (two of the above positions). Each sleeping type requires a very different pillow style and firmness.

2- Size matters. Smaller pillows such as a Standard size (generally 28" wide) have less filling inside them and are usually slightly firmer. Queen and King size pillows often allow for more shifting however this isn't always the case. If in doubt, just pair the pillow to your mattress size.

3- Don't pick a pillow based on filling alone. Soft Feather filling sounds nice, but if you like firm pillows, you won't be happy it. Feathers and down are often best suited to stomach and back sleepers who like softness while synthetics and foams are better suited to side sleepers and back sleepers who like firmness. The fill type should support the firmness required for your unique sleeping style.

4- Do you have allergies? If so, double check the hypoallergenic rating of the pillow. Synthetic pillows are often always hypoallergenic but many newer feather and down pillows are put through extensive washing to eliminate dust and microbes. Most pillows today are hypoallergenic, but if in doubt a lightweight hypoallergenic pillow cover is a great alternative.

For more information about your unique sleeping type and the variety of pillow options best suited to you, visit our website www[dot]TheWorldsBestPillow[dot]com.

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pregnancy pillow for stomach sleeper