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Chicco Baby Activity Walker

Two toys in one

I love the way this one was designed because when the child gets tired of walking or bored, they can play with the front of it. Look at all the activities it has on it. When they are walking, music play, but when they stop, it stops. It really encourages the baby to take a few more steps. Once they realize that they are the ones making the music start and stop, they will be delighted. Learning to walk has never been so much fun. But when they are tired and want a break, the front of the walker is an activity center. There are lights and sounds that are activated when they put the correct shapes in the right holes. I can see this becoming their new favorite toy. Unfortunately, it may not be yours since it makes noise.

Chicco Baby Activity WalkerDetailsStanding and walkingDetailsWorking HardDetailsPlayingDetails

Chicco Baby Activity Walker Demonstration Video

Chicco Baby Step Activity Walker
by ImagineToys | video info

42 ratings | 95,156 views

Baby Step Activity Walker helps babies stand up and take their first steps. Chicco Available at Imagine Toys!

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Fisher Price Bright Beginnings Activity Walker Kit

Folds up for easy portablity and storage.

Fisher Price is a name we trust when it comes to our kids. They have proven over many years that they are truly looking out for our kids best interest. It really shows in this standing walker. Not only is it a colorful and attractive first walker for babies, but the activity center has flipping doors, sliding beads, turning gears, and spinning panels. So many great activities for them to keep working on their motor skills. Our kids just think we got them a cool toy, but we know that they are learning and developing skills they will use for the rest of their lives.

Everything it comes with.DetailsKeys teetherDetailsTeething ringDetailsStanding WalkerDetails

Boikido Wooden Push And Play

Great walkers for a bit more advanced

I really wanted to feature these, even though they are for more advanced first walkers. I love the bright paint and how cute they are. Kids who are walking a little better will love walking through the house and picking up things to give them a ride int heir cart. Great outside toy as well, especially since the backyard is where they will be the most unsteady. This cart will help them a lot and they can still pick things up for a ride.

Boikido Wooden 2-in-1 Walker/Ride-on

Wooden Walker

I am very conflicted about this product. For some reason I feel that the plastic ones are better or safer than wood. But I am basing that on what is in my own mind. Not good. After all, the toys I played with as a kid were probably all wood and look how I turn out. It really is a great looking standing walker that they can ride too, I like that feature. It also comes with build-in xylophone with 2 drumsticks and shape sorter to help them with their motor skills.

Making musicDetailsStanding WalkerDetailsCute paint jobDetailsRidingDetails

Melissa & Doug Rattle Rumble Push Toy

Another trusted toy developer

Melissa & Doug always surprise us with their great new ideas. I love this standing walker because it is simple, yet the kids will love it. It is another noise maker. That can be good, because you can always find them; or bad, because you can hear them. Either way, check this standing walker out. It is a great shape to help them keep steady while they are learning to walk, but the noise will keep them entertained as the canisters tumble around. The faster they walk, the faster the tumble and the more noise they will make.

Melissa & Doug Rattle Rumble Push ToyDetails

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