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Hannah Montana is one of the most popular choices for an exciting Halloween costume. And since a major motion picture was released staring Hannah Montana, outfits enspired by her are sure to top the charts for girls this year.

Hannah Montana is a Role Model for Many Girls

Halloween doesn't always have to be scary as your daughter is sure to love the idea of putting on this rocker's outfits. The key make sure the costume she wants doesn't sell out is planning ahead and securing the Hannah Montana costumes she wants as early as possible.

Young girls are always fantasizing about dressing up like their television and movie idols. Hannah Montana is no exception, especially with the crossover from smash Disney TV series to full length feature film. Donning the ideal Hannah Montana outfit can be quite a good time for teenage girls.

Interchangeable Costume Parts

You can find a whole list of crazy and eclectic clothing or high quality ensemble pieces to mix and match. One example would be taking a blonde wig and matching it with black and gray bustier on top of a pink baby tee. Then finishing it off with a pink belt.

Teenagers who want to create the Hannah Montana pop star look can pair some jeans and a wide belt with sparkling tee shirt under a jacket or shrug for a costume their friends will think is awesome.

Switch Up the Aesthetic

An alternative Hannah Montana costume may be a shimmery purple, bright blue & green, or sparkling pink top which can be worn with jeans and a big belt. Or go for a bright red jacket with a white printed tee underneath, short black skirt that may be worn with black boots, and the trademark blonde wig.

Every Rocker Needs Footwear

As to what to wear and her feet, the main idea is just to coordinate colors with the rest of the outfit. Purple "Mary Jane" style shoes with pop star graphics and glitter or possibly just pink slip-ons.

Finding the perfect 80's-inspired or pop-star princess Hannah Montana costume is only complete if your little girl seeks out the fun-loving personality that is Hannah Montana. There are so many styles to choose from, ranging from the glam rocker outfits and the layered and trendy casual look to the multi-functional short and soft jersey dresses, that your teen will easily find something that fits her.

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