Stages Care Of Baby Under Phototherapy

Light therapy - or phototherapy - has been around for many years and is known to be beneficial in curing several diseases, such as skin related illnesses or mood and sleep related conditions. The main idea behind this form of therapy is using specific wavelengths of light from sun lamps, lasers or even full spectrum light for a specific amount of time every day. Recently, it was discovered that phototherapy could be used to treat depression just as well as acne. It has even been described as rejuvenating to your skin. However, the question regarding the safety of using ultraviolet lights as a cure remains unanswered. Professors at Harvard and the University of California have done extensive research on the use of ultraviolet light produced from devices such as sun lamps. They came to the conclusion that although phototherapy employs the use of UVB, a known carcinogen, in its treatments, UVB cures do not increase the risks of getting any skin cancers, or at least not more so than a regular person. These findings are based on the investigation of both UVB treatment alone and UVB treatment supplemented by another substance known to cause cancer, known as "topical coal tar." The occurrence of skin cancer in their test subjects did not appear to be more than the chance of it occurring in any person. These test results were surprising to say the least. Further testing showed the same results, and scientists tried to explain them in terms of the low amounts of UVB used in phototherapy. However, even in large doses, UVB treatment has less negative effects than severe sunburn. If we were to compare the potential side effects to the benefits gained from this and similar treatments, can we truly say that the risk is not worth taking? Sun lamps and other means of artificial lighting are not only used to treat the diseases mentioned above. Light in general is good for herpes, immune system boosts, the flu, AIDS, bug bites, small cuts, hormonal changes and many other conditions. Light therapy may not be a cure to some of these, but it does make them easier to bear. And even if you don't suffer from any of these, it is worth going out into the sun, if only for the vitamins and the tan you are sure to get. An hour or so of sunlight every day will go a long way toward keeping you strong and healthy.

stages care of baby under phototherapy