5 Months Pregnant Lady In The Olympics

Just six months are left for the glorious 2012 London Olympics event! Some of the venues are positioned outside England. From more than 100 years, Hampden Park has hosted Scotland's National Stadium. This venue has hosted several popular championships such as Scottish Cup and European Cup with population of approximately 130,000.

Over the last 22 years, Hampden Park has been refurbished and features huge occupancy of 52,000. The soccer event of 2012 London Olympics will start on July 25, whereas Hamden Park will host games through Aug, 3. The stadium will host eight games featuring both the men's and women's games. The Hampdn Park is positioned a few miles south of downtown Glasgow. Both Hampden Park and City of Glasgow will be the outstanding hosts of 2012 London Olympic Tickets!
Recently, London 2012 Olympics made announcement regarding the completion of Wheelchair Tennis venue, Eton manor.

For the largest Paralympics event ever to be held, approximately 4200 athletes from across 140 countries will be gathered. The magnificent Paralympic Movement was the stunning invention of Dr Ludwig Guttmann in the year 1948. He started the event with a wheelchair archery competition held at Stoke Mandeville hospital.

Eton Manor is positioned in the north of Olympic Park and designed mainly for the Paralympic competition. At the Paralymic Games, 112 Paralympic athletes will contest for six medals for the Wheelchair Tennis.

During the Olympics Games, this venue will also offer temporary facilities for Aquatics training. After the completion of Games, the venue will be transformed into multi-sport facility for the local community.

The LOCOG Chair Seb Coe stated, "With just 200 days to go to the Opening Ceremony on 29 August, we're in great shape for what should be a spectacular summer of Paralympic sport. Wheelchair Tennis has proved to be one of our most popular tickets, and the venue at Eton Manor will be a fantastic setting to showcase some truly world-class athletes."

33 year old Dwain Chambers need to wait for a couple of months before discovering that he will be running at the London summer Olympics! In the meantime, he accepted that he is training for competing at the Games.

At the Sunday's Aviva UK Indoor Trials, Chambers exhibited that he is the fastest man in Britain by claiming first position. He also ensures to defend 60 metres world indoor crown held in Istanbul.
Chambers seem satisfied with his victory, as he is mainly focusing through the winter on the training of 100m and not 60m.
He said "I still have to prepare. If the door opens, then at least I'll be prepared. If it doesn't happen, then I'll still have to go out there and salvage the rest of my season as best as I can."

5 months pregnant lady in the olympics