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Highway to Advertising Hell

So many of us always ask questions we already know the answers to. How can we feel better?

Your physician would say, Eat right and exercise.

Yet for every dollar spent in fitness centres, Americans spend nineteen dollars on cocaine. The reason? Two seconds after snorting cocaine, you feel like superman. Two weeks of diet and exercising and all you feel is sore and hungry.

Instant gratification is something we all know too well. Its harmless enough if the only thing it leads you to do is pay higher prices at a convenience store. But heaven help you if you demand instant gratification from your advertising!

The business person looking for a financial quick fix will soon discover the cocaine of advertising, a four letter magic chant:

Good advertising is painful at first because you dont see immediate results. The impatient business owner will start with a small dose of advertising cocaine and then get defensive about it: How can this be bad for me? Ive never done better.

But just as a junkie never stops to consider the damage he is doing, a business owner never stops to realize the damage SALE! SALE! SALE! does to his business health.

The first dose of cocaine makes him feel great. So does the next one and the one after that. But it takes more and more to get the same effect.

Therefore, its almost impossible to convince the addict hes got a problem, even though he started with only Twenty Percent Off and has now progressed to Half Price.

Successful companies dont spend their ad dollars training their customers to wait for a sale.

Do You?

- Martin

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www pregnancy .com brothers in arms hell's highway