Six How To Figure Out How Many Months Pregnant You Are

How many of us dont want a six figure income? Yes you are correct. All of us do. But times have changed now. Gone are the days when you could only get six figure jobs if you had a law firm degree or were a Harvard Graduate.

Gone are the days when you had to work on Wall Street day and night to get a six figure income. Now is the time for easy money. Are you interested? I bet you are. In this article we shall talk of some easy quick six figure job opportunities.


Work in the press does not only mean doing editorials. Traditional printing plant operators and pressmen also have the same kind of respect as they commanded years ago. However if this industry hired about 300,000 professionals before, now it hires only 180,000 of them. As such jobs are limited.

But once you get this job you can earn or more every hour, which means a six figure paycheck is only a matter of time. However if you are more of a white collar job person, then you should try out for professional coach options.

Professional Coach

This is not the job of a sports coach but life coach. Life coaches have become very important with the increasing alienation and stress one has to face in daily lives. Particularly entrepreneurs and struggling novelists take help of life coaches to motivate them on their ambitions. It has been reported that around 20% of the 10,000 life coaches who have been registered earn a six figure income.

The best part about this profession is that you do not need to have any special degree. Some coaches provide definite service; they are hired to train employees of a specific company. There are other coaches however who render their services to different clients as and when required.

Along with this business of coaching, many companies have developed that take care of the businesses of the coaches for them. These companies handle the production work required for remote seminars and other technological means necessary for communication between the coach and the client.

You can even join one of these companies or start your own business if you have a bit of experience and are tech savvy. These businesses easily earn around six figure incomes within a year of being set up! Its true. Believe it.

Another business which has received a great boost due to coaching is teaching the coaches. Though you do not need any special degree to be a life coach, a degree in psychology is always beneficial. Along with this, it is also helpful, if you have experience.

If you are looking for six figure employment, you can teach life coaching to interested candidates. You can also get six-figure work as a life or business coach and then switch to training newcomers in the business.

Christian Mickelson, life coach and present trainer of coaches in San Diego says, Be a business or life coach but not both. You need to realize why people hire coaches; it's not about having some super-awesome life, but because they have a specific problem they want to solve.

So what are you waiting for? A six figure income is just round the corner, you just need to choose the right job.

six how to figure out how many months pregnant you are