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Learn Spanish Fast

Ok, so you would like to start learning the Spanish Language in a short time. You're not the only one! I too had this ambition and went through with it as well. So I have put together a small look at the products which I have used to learn Spanish.
Some have their setbacks others are good but here I'll save you the money from finding out which one is which. So read on and have fun

Learn Spanish Words With Ease

This was one of the first products I purchased when I set out to learn Spanish. It's focus is more on memory than learning the language, which at the time I felt was a good idea. I thought "If I can remember more Spanish words, surly this will make it easier to learn!"

The package contains 5 main components:

Spanish Link Words Book - This focuses on associating mental pictures to Spanish words in order to help you recall them as required.

Spanish Matching Game - This as a word-association game designed to help you match up the Spanish counterparts for English words.

Spanish Flashcard Program - A software version of the classic flashcard method of learning.

Memory Boosting Report - These are about 12 different methods designed to help you remember which can be applied to any scenario, not just learning Spanish.

Daily Memory Booster - Another memory technique made to quickly form associations between words, visuals and numbers.

If you want better memory but learning Spanish is secondary then this is for you. However if your main desire is just to learn the language, this is defiantly not a good place to start.

It is really more aimed at memory improvement, which is not a bad thing, but doesnt have the necessary components for learning a language.

It's biggest let down is this: Although you will learn a 1000 new Spanish words which are all very useful, and you will be able to associate those words with their English counterparts, the material is lacking a very important part of the language learning process: Grammar and Meaning!

It's all very well knowing what the words are and being able to remember them, but that's no good if you don't know what context to use them in or how to form a correctly grammatical sentence.

However, if you have attempted to learn Spanish before and failed I would recommend this product as a precursor to another language learning package.

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