Pregnancy Dog Belly Bands Elastic

No doubt narrow fabric accomplishes your lots of needs and requirements. It is used when someone is looking for elastic for your lower, webbing for your bags, ribbon to decorate kids dresses, trims, and laces etc. It is the most preferred fabric which is used now-a-days in industries as well as for individual uses.

The reason behind it is long lasting life, plethora of designs and colors available to us. Narrow fabric is basically a strip of thin fabric that doesnt exceed 12 inches (45 cm) in width. It can be woven, braided, or knitted. Different fabric such as nylon, cotton, and polyester are used by narrow fabric. Apart from this, there are many uses of it. Decoration (as ribbons, tapes, laces, trims, wicks and mantels, tapes)

* Beauty
* Jewelry
* Military
* Travel
* Safety (in cords, straps, and lanyard)
* For support (as webbings, elastic)

The wide use of it is because it is cost effective. Lets describe these applications in detail. Have a look:

Laces- Lace manufacturers make different variety of laces to serve garments, handbags, and footwear industry. The fabric used in its manufacturing is actually narrow fabric.

Elastic- The stretchable fabric is further used to make narrow fabrics. This elastic is utilized in garments, bags, and a lot of other things.

Ribbons- These are bands or strips created by thin and fine fabrics like satin or velvet. These are also used in garment, and gift packing industry.

Now, it comes to the industries where it is used. Below mentioned are some of the areas where it is used:


In agricultural field these fabrics are used in harvesting, tying the live stock such as cattle. For animal fencing mono filaments & metallic yarn tapes are used, where as nylon braids are used at the bottom of tank for fish farming.

Medical and Health industry

This industry also includes the use of fabric. Plaster cast needs fiberglass bands, to make elastic knee bands & body belts elastic bandages are used whereas for hospital use & bandages rigid gauze is used very often.

Decorative Industry

To decorate variety of things these fabrics are used even in combination of other materials. Just like the embroidery lace, it is also required at the time of designing.

Furniture Industry

Comfort and safety has great importance in furniture industry. This narrow fabric is used in manufacturing of sofas, chairs etc. Polypropylene, rafia or coated rubber bands are used in the back of the sofa or in the chair to give strength & comfort.

pregnancy dog belly bands elastic