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Plantation shutters: DBS Tampa (Discount Blinds and Shutters Tampa) DBS is the custom Plantation Shutter specialist of Tampa Bay. They address a whole fresh approach towards purchasing Plantation shutters that begs an understanding of their expertise and dedication to Plantation shutters customer service.

Its functionality according to DBS principal and owner, Dan Cascio, provides a high quality material selection and flexibility of choice perfectly suited for Florida's warm climate. The need for the proper amount of light, air flow, and energy savings is the fine balance that Plantation shutters can help homeowners achieve. The energy efficiency coefficient can yield as much as a 35% savings if properly utilized in this warm weather climate. Such analyses should be consulted with Cascio and his team of dedicated advisors in the decision making process.

Cascio maintains that the variety of materials that are available make this product quite attractive for its fungibility in strength, durability, aesthetics, efficiency, and flexibility. "We utilize Poplar, Hardwood, Mahogany, Teak, pine, and Oak with a variety of finishes.

The classic whites louvered with custom choices of many types are available. The high quality Plantation shutters with proper millwork techniques and the high quality finish systems prevent warping and enable any necessary repair and touch ups that many clients would not envision.

Additionally, the bay window or double hung sashes provide a nice dressing to the windows for an aesthetic appeal. High technique synthetics are durable and visually appealing offering an array of other choices that the homeowner can choose based on Plantation shutter price points and needs for all type windows, houses, and exposures. DBS Tampa provides the consultation that is the pre-requisite for any Plantation shutter buyer so that there is a full understanding of quality, function, and price that culminate to determine such an important decision in your home's value and look. DBS Tampa in Tampa Bay has established itself as the reliable and friendly custom business whose footprint ranges from Tampa proper to The Villages, Sun City, and the Pinellas beach communities. Further, DBS Tampa can offer huge discounts on slightly flawed manufactured pieces to the creative and handy homeowner or creative craftsman. For more information and a free briefing on this call (813) 415-8884. Visit their website at

pregnancy symptoms after ovulation maybe plantation