Stretch Marks Pregnancy Options

Because there are a number of methods for eliminating stretch marks, it is always important to weigh all your options.


This is the simplest, safest and cheapest option for stretch mark reduction. There are a number of them available, both over the counter and via prescription. One cream that does not require a prescription is Celtrixa. The main advantage of a cream is that it doesn t just get rid of stretch marks, but works at a cellular level to prevent further ones from appearing.

Laser treatment

The type of laser used depends on skin discoloration. For red stretch marks, a pulsed-dye laser is often used. This helps to reduce the inflammation thereby reducing the redness. Fractional laser therapy is good for white-colored stretch marks. After treatment, the skin can be red and swollen for a number of days.

The main issue with laser treatment is that it doesn t work at eliminating stretch marks, it simply fades them. However, it does help to induce collagen production in the area and can help remodel the skin. It s also a far more expensive option, which usually requires a number of sessions. Some people find that their stretch marks don t fade or that they suffer from post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.


Dermabrasion And Microdermabrasion

Dermabrasion and microdermabrasion work by buffering the skin s surface: a fine blade is used to scrape away the upper skin layer. This allows new skin cells to develop more easily. It also boosts collagen production helping the skin regain its elasticity. In terms of price, it s far cheaper than laser treatments. However, it isn t capable of eliminating stretch marks either, it only helps them fade.


Retinoids are chemicals that assist in skin growth and development. By using them, you can speed up skin rejuvenation preventing any further scarring from occurring. They tend to be in the form of a moisturizer or a cream, which allows them to be taken in more effectively by the skin.


This is a very expensive operation. Better known as a tummy tuck, it involves surgically removing any excess fat and skin from your body. If your scarring is in the area cut off, then this is a sure way of eliminating stretch marks. As with any operation, the recovery time is longer than with other methods.

There are a number of methods for eliminating stretch marks. The one you chose will depend a lot on what you re willing to spend and the risks you re willing to take if you decide on a surgical procedure. Make sure to research each properly and ask a physician for advice.

stretch marks pregnancy options