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The Conspiracy of Silence is a movie about the Catholic church, and its highly controvercial, and rarely talked about views on breaking the vow of celebacy. Inspired by true events, it tells the heart wrenching story of a priest in training who has to choose between the love for his girlfriend, and his dedication to the Catholic church.

Very provocative, and highly intriguing, The Conspiracy of Silence is not only worth watching, but worth buying as well, in that it's an instant classic that will change the way the Catholic church is viewed in the eyes of the public forever. Definitely one of the high points of director John Deery's career, it's a winner of many awards and nominations including the prestigious Hartley Merrill International Screenwriting Award.

With brilliant story telling, and a wicked underlying sense of abuse, hypocrisy, and corruption, The Conspiracy of Silence will have you squirming in your seat waiting in anticipation, and wondering what will happen next. If there's one film that can change the world, just a little bit at a time, this would be this one. And if there is one director I believe will have the greatest impact on the future of everyone's lives, John Deery, creator of "The Conspiracy of Silence", would be him.

The Conspiracy of Silence will have you enthralled in a story of love, betrayal, and the pursuit of the truth in a world of madness. It is sure to be one of the best films you will see in the next ten or even twenty years, a time honored classic in the making. Indeed this is is a movie for the mind and the soul, that will leave you with a feeling of greatness after it is over. So, if you want to see a movie that will keep you on your toes, and keep you thinking for years afterwards, The Conspiracy of Silence is it. If you watch only one movie in your lifetime, this would be the one to see. I know this would be the movie I would choose anyway. If you have any sense of spiritualism, or faith in your religion, you will want to own this movie.

feeling 16 and pregnant kristina