Pregnancy Yoga Belfast is now offering Yoga classes in Belfast at Queens in Botanic Gardens Belfast She is also offering other Yoga classes in Belfast including 2 classes at Blick on the Malone Road which are drop in classes for all levels.

Each class will offer a variety of styles which include Hatha based Yoga and Vinyasa Flow Yoga which is a beautiful flowing form of Yoga.

Rain teaches two classes on Mondays in Bangor at Hamilton House from 12-2pm and 6.30-8.30pm. These are Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes, a form of flowing yoga that helps you let go of stress and rebalance yourself. The classes are for all levels run on both a drop in basis alongside a cheaper "payment term" to save money for those who prefer to book.

The classes at the PEC at Queens University are Traditional Hatha based Yoga on Tuesday evenings at 6.15-7.45pm and 8pm until 9.30pm with beginners in the first and the second for intermediate and advanced students along with Vinyasa Flow Yoga on Fridays 5.30-7pm which is an All Levels class. Queen's PEC offer the classes as set courses throughout the year. To book you can contact Queen's PEC directly and book onto a course. Courses are open to non members and members alike.both members and non members

Rain delivers classes at Blick on the Malone Road for Beginners on Wednesdays and an All Levels class on Thursdays each starting from 5pm to 6.15pm. This is a great time to miss rush hour traffic at the same time asgetting rid of stess from a hard day at work The classes are easily accessible and open to the public and you can just drop in for a class, anytime you like. Although booking early will ensure both your place on the floor and a good discount

On Fridays, Rain teaches at The HIV Support Centre in Belfast. This charity offers a wide range of therapeutic services for those living with HIV in Northern Ireland along with their families and friends. This class is free on Fridays 12.30-2pm and is open to All Levels.

Yoga is an holistic approach to balance yourself. Beginning with focussing on moving your body with conscious awareness, what you learn about yourself on the mat will effortlessly begin to enhance life off the mat. You will become calmer, more flexible and confident,confidence will increase as you are dealing with the stresses of everyday life with peaceful awareness. If you want to study Yoga Belfast certainly is a much improved city

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