Home Pregnancy Test Questions And Answers

Here are the questions to ask yourself to test the lyric stability of every song you write. First ask yourself what is the message you want to communicate with the listener emotionally. Use this as a check list to understand where your song is stable and unstable and if it matches what you intend.

1. Is the tempo stable or unchanging?

2. Are there chords that feel unstable and leave you hanging?

3. Where are the minor, diminished or augmented chords?

4. Does the feel of those chords match the content of the lyric?

5. Do the lyrics feel happy or sad (stable vs unstable)?

6. Does the music feel happy or sad (stable vs unstable)?

7. Is the rhyme scheme perfect rhyme, imperfect rhyme or unrhymed?

8. Does the less perfect the rhyme make it feel more unstable.?

9. Is the rhyme scheme the same within similar sections?

10.Is the rhyme scheme different between sections?

11. What beat do the lyrics come start in the bars of each section?

12. Is where the beats occur in the bars different in each section?

13. If the lyrics come in further away from the downbeats does it destabilize the song?

14 Are you using unstable music and stable lyrics and content?

15. Are you using unstable lyrics and content and stable music?

Ask yourself each of these questions and keep a list of your answers. All of these questions are designed to get at different issues in your song. If you're tempted to say, this question doesn't matter because..., I encourage you to have a second look at the question and your answer.

How stable or unstable your song is, is up to you. The purpose of these questions is so you can take control of the stability of your song. Mold it to impact you want the listener exactly how you want it to impact them and when you want it to impact them.

Each of these questions is an issue in itself which you can study. But for my point is help you to start to think about these things and realize there are various ways to manage how you write your song. Also there are corresponding consequences to decisions you make.

There are no right and wrong answers to these. They only indicate how stable or unstable your song is. If the lyrics or music are unstable and the other is not, it will undermine the stability. Sometimes it allows you to say one thing and mean something else.

The secret here is to use these questions and answers to shape your song so you intentionally create stable and unstable parts so the listeners experience what you want them to experience.

home pregnancy test questions and answers