Pregnancy Dream Sleep Pillow As Seen On Tv

Have you ever been fearful of the dark?

A running question on an mind-blowing TV theme when I was a teen on Nickelodeon but it is often a real life issue for anyone! So what would be better than a night light and some real fun?? How about a bright light pillow!

Now this is something I would have cherished as a kid not just because I love pillows in general (you know like the old wrestling buddies) but with the blitz of Happy Nappers, Cuddle Uppets, and Pillow Pets someone was bound to make it all happen with lights so its enhanced than anything glow in the dark?

So what is the big deal about the bright light pillow?

This bright light pillow is the pillow that lights up with 24 LED lights that by design change between 5 shining colors. So if you ever wanted to enjoy a nice lights as you drift off at night while sleeping all year round here you go! If your kid wakes up from the bad dream of zombies chasing them in the forest they can let off 24 LED lights from their Bright Light Pillow to ward off those monsters!

It is soft and cozy as well as exceedingly comfortable to lay on, the Light Up Pillow lights up with just a squeeze and you are shining.

SO my most awful nightmare right off the bat was my head is going to heat up and melt or something alarming like that.

Well the Night Light Pillow features LED lights that do not emit heat (fortunately right?) and stay fresh for hundreds of hours on just three AAA batteries (I would recommend the lithium ion variety just to up the ante on the prolonged ability). The Light Up Pillow lights change robotically and at random from blue, red, white, green and yellow so it is offering soothing, beautiful light will you start to fall asleep or great for those kids who like to stay up a little later during a slumber party but it's pitch black everywhere else in the home!

Here is a real reason why this is smarter than a nightlight, the Light Up Pillow turns on with a squeeze and stays lit for fifteen minutes before shutting off.

Have to deal with something plugged in or have it on all night long.

Now if you ran your kids wild they should fall asleep in 15 minutes, there is no wasted energy. If not, just another bear hug of the Light Up Pillow restores the light, letting your child feel safe and in control.

Night Light Pillow

Available in pink or white, and in the following fun shapes:

Rockin' Round

Starlight Square

Beating Heart

Once again this night light for a Pillow is great for teens and adults as well as children. It can be used for various things such as to add a vibrant decorative flair to dorm rooms, game rooms, and more.

This Night Light Pillow comes in handy for nap time, sleepovers, travel, bedtime, pillow fights, playtime forts, and so much more. You might just need to see the Bright Light Pillow infomercial so check it out you will no be let down!

This just might be the best gift you could give a kid or send with them to that slumber party!

pregnancy dream sleep pillow as seen on tv