Symptoms That Dreaming That You Are Pregnant Means

You think that you are pregnant but you are not really sure if you are because you have heard that pregnancy symptoms can be similar to those of pre menstruation. This may be the case sometimes but if you really want to find out that you re not just having hysterical pregnancy, check whether you are experiencing the symptoms we are going to discuss below or not.You can surely say that you may be pregnant when you re starting to have a miserable time dealing with nausea and morning sickness. No one really knows the exact cause and no one can really promise an exact cure for nausea but experts say blood sugar levels have a role in it. Put your blood sugar level in check by developing a healthy eating habit.Dizziness and having the feeling that you are going to faint are also two signs of pregnancy. As your bodily hormones rise, your blood vessels also begin to expand to increase blood flow to the baby. When this happens your blood pressure drops and the blood flow to the brain reduces causing you to feel dizzy most of the time.Missing a period is one possible sign that you re pregnant. You should not worry at all if you experience this all the time due to irregular menstrual cycle. But for women with regular cycles and are sexually active, that should ring a bell. It is a sure sign that they are pregnant.The frequent need to urinate is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy. You have an urge to go to the comfort room to pee every now and then when you re pregnant especially during the night because the fluids that are retained in your body find their way back to the bladder giving you the feeling of wanting to urinate often. As the baby and the uterus eventually grow, pressure is added to the bladder as well.Aside from these four, there are other common signs and symptoms that may indicate that you are really pregnant. These signs include soreness and enlargement of the breast, fatigue, heartburn and strange food cravings. If you are experiencing 95 percent of these signs and symptoms then it s time for you to have an appointment with you OB-GYNE.

symptoms that dreaming that you are pregnant means