Signs You Are Pregnant In Who Left On American Idol The First Week This Year

American Idols February 17, 2011 airing brought new life to this years competition, when Jacob Lusk wowed the judges and the audience with a powerful performance of Billie Holidays God Bless the Child. The episode, which was the final Hollywood Week show, left many wondering where American Idol had been hiding Lusk up to this point. After all, the powerful performance he gave during the episode could not have been so uncharacteristic of his previous performances.

In spite of the fact that Lusks rendition of God Bless the Child is likely paramount to his other previous sessions, American Idols earlier episodes this season showed very little of this powerful singer. He has emerged as an audience and critic favorite, partly due to his strong singing voice, and partially as a result of his stirring stage presence.

The rendition of the Billy Holiday classic may have been a bit nontraditional, taking the judges a bit by surprise at first, but proved to be a winning choice for Lusk. He showed his true vocal range, with deep, resonating low notes, and some beautiful falsetto. He also tossed some scatting into the song between the delivery of lyrics, proving himself to be a versatile vocalist with a strong onstage presence.

Every good performer imbues their music with emotion. A performer incapable of communicating that emotion in vocal performance and non-verbal communication doesnt have the makings of a superstar. Jacob Lusk American Idol most certainly has what it takes to be a superstar in the music world.

He proved his vocal talent with this performance. He shined on stage, as well, letting his emotions overtake him during his performance. His face was awash with emotion. His body language was appropriate to the performance not too subdued or overstated.

Hollywood Week is audition week and determines who will proceed to the next level of competition. With this powerful performance, Jacob Lusk secured himself a place in the running to become the next American Idol.

The solo brought several of Lusks competitors and all three judges to their feet. Even if the judges were a bit taken back by his non-traditional approach to the performance of God Bless the Child, it wasnt long before they were pulled in by the singers charisma and strong vocals.

With Randy Jackson letting out a whoo-hooo during the performance, and Steven Tyler hollering, Be Proud! to Lusks family members who were in the auditorium, it became apparent that Lusk would make it past this audition and on to formal competition for the title of American Idol.

Lusk was obviously overwhelmed by emotion following his performance. He jumped up and down with excitement upon seeing the audience reaction to his singing, and quickly left the stage and fell into his familys arms, tearing up.

Viewers could have had little doubt that Jacob Lusk would be promoted to the next round of competition. This 23 year old spa concierge could well be on his way to stardom as the next big singing sensation.

signs you are pregnant in who left on american idol the first week this year