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When people work together as a team, their individual contributions are maximized. This is natural, and, for the health care business, absolutely necessary. In collaborative effort, there are benefits to enjoy, not only for the medical team but also for the consumer. Medical practice can be hard and teamwork can make the job experience fulfilling and worthwhile. However, to develop collaborative relationships, a lot of time and effort needs to be devoted. This is because there are barriers to the development of collaborative relationships.

These barriers are natural and could be attitudinal, behavioral and institutional. Before team building can be successful, these barriers must be broken. This can only occur when each member of the team invests his time and energy towards the development of interpersonal relationships. If you were a leader, what would you need to build a team atmosphere in medical practice? The answer is in the following sub-headings.

Self Control To maintain control over a team, you must first learn to control yourself. This is the essence of an excellent leader. You need to make an example of yourself. This example will then inspire and influence other team members. You need to do your best and be the best so that all would want to repeat the example you set. Always stay open minded. Your honesty and sincerity will move your team members. These qualities ensure collaboration and, ultimately, coordination between team members.

A Harmonious Surrounding You need to enhance the energy of the office. Look at the colors in your office or listen to the sounds of the hallways. A harmonious surrounding can greatly affect mood. Team spirit requires positive energy and that is greatly helped when the work place is pleasing. The days when the office walls were painted white on grey are over. The environment has to be pleasant while being professional. There are no borders to team work and collaboration, so go ahead and even discuss with your team members what they would prefer. A good surrounding greatly contributes to the team building atmosphere.

Good Meetings One of the elements that lead to successful team building is holding a good meeting. This is because issues can be resolved and solutions to various problems can be discussed. Other members of the team can offer constructive suggestions and advice to solve a certain team member's problem. Meetings are good opportunities for team members to pool in new ideas. Innovating as a team is much more fun than thinking up something alone. So what makes for a good meeting?

The meeting should begin on time The meeting should have a solid agenda Meetings need to be conducted in a manner that discourages disrespect so that no team member will feel threatened.

Management Skills You need to have skills for managing the team. The team is composed of members who all have different approaches, thought processes and objections. You need to demonstrate virtues like patience when you're dealing with your team. For great team building, you must be armed with skills of interviewing, communication, planning and analysis. By building up the team spirit, life in the work place will be more enjoyable.

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