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You have superb vacation house rentals all over the country. Beach houses, holiday cabins, villas that are a cut above other vacation homes in their own respective locations. You have ads all over the web, but your calendar is still the same - still isn't filled. Where did you go wrong? Read more to find out what common mistakes owners make that keeps their bookings slow.

  • Not Responding to Inquiries Fast Enough - Just like when people have a problem with their internet connection, electricity or cellphones; people want fast answers. If you take too long to respond, the potential renter will definitely pick another rental. People send multiple inquiries, and more often than not, the first to respond gets the booking.

A quick fix to this problem is to leave your mail open if you're on the computer, and sign-in to your mobile device if you have something else to do. This way, you'll be able to respond immediately if there's an inquiry.

  • Using Pictures that are Not Good Enough - Some holidaymakers don't even look at property descriptions. They just look at the pictures and decide to inquire. Pictures are the ones that really do the selling in one's listing. So be sure that you use pictures that are flattering and show everything your vacation house rental has to offer. If you don't know how to take quality pictures, hire a professional. It is also a wise decision to make a virtual tour of your property to boost inquiries.
  • You Just Missed The Target - Aiming at the wrong audience certainly leads to empty calendars. People look for a particular rental that fits their needs, and offering a misfit to these people will certainly not cut it. They would simply go to the property that best suits their needs.

To make sure that your ad is targeting the right kind of people; you should first decide who your target market is. Include in your headline what your target market is searching for. To add, include some seasonal targeting if it's applicable to maximize the effect of your ad.

  • No Price Listed - Sometimes, people are just attracted to the price of a vacation house rental. And if this is not the case, people just want to know how much staying at a property would cost to see if it fits their vacation budget. And, of course, they don't want to wait for an owner's response to get a price. So listing your price in your ad is absolutely necessary.
  • Not Enough Amenities - People expect a value for money stay in your vacation house rental. Even if your property is not considered a luxury rental, there are still some amenities that will make a holidaymaker's stay more comfortable. If you lack these, then they'd probably go to your competitor. A solution is to research what amenities your nearest competitor offers, then try to upgrade your vacation home. If this is not possible, then make your price a bit lower than your competitors.

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