37 Weeks Pregnant Knees Hurt

When your knees begin to hurt, it's hard to find relief. Sitting or standing at work, your knees can take a beating. A bank teller, teacher, retail clerk or crossing guard spends hours standing without relief.

If you're also overweight, then stress load on your knees magnifies. If you sit most of the time at work answering phones, working on the computer or doing other paperwork, your knees don't have the stress of standing, yet they still hurt.

Sedentary jobs can be as harmful to your knees as other jobs that require you to stand up a lot. And since it is unlikely that you can leave your job, you should definitely revisit how you work. You can probably get your doctor to write you a note explaining that you need to occasionally get up and move around.

You have probably experienced how it feels. You stand up ready to do something and it's as if your knees refuse to go along. You stagger around for a few steps until your knees decide to get with the program. Even if you probably think it is easier to stay seated rather than dealing with such an issue, walking around is exactly what you need.

Before you can treat the knee pain, you need a medical evaluation to determine the cause of the pain. If the diagnosis is arthritis, the pain will unfortunately continue to get worse. There are ways for you to function and be comfortable at the same time.

Stretching muscles and tendons in the leg and knee area can be very useful. Ask a professional to show you the best way to stretch. They can offer helpful advice about different types of stretches you should do at different times of the day. Regular, moderate movement can help knee function as well as reduce discomfort.

Mix your activities. If your job requires that you sit or stand a lot, try to do the opposite when you go home. Walking or light sports can be a good choice that also gets you out of the house and involved in something you enjoy.

Since most knee pain comes from arthritis, tendonitis or bursitis, you can find relief during the day from non-steroid anti-inflammatory medications called NSAIDs. They are available as prescription drugs and also over the counter. While they can help you manage pain, these medications are not usually responsible for impairing your mental and physical functions. You should be able to find more information on the label of the medication.

Knowing when you need to rest can really help prevent knee pain. If pain is severe, or if you can't move, then you know it is time to rest and relieve the inflammation with ice or heat.

If you want to avoid cortisone injections or knee replacement, you need to do as much as possible to support your knee joints. Even if that means redefining or changing your sedentary work habits.

37 weeks pregnant knees hurt