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Electric vs Gas Grills

There's a wide variety of different opinions on which one is best. For me personally, gas grills beat electric grills by a landslide. First of all, it largely depends on what type of grill you're looking to buy. If you're looking for an indoor home portable grill, then obviously electric Joe Foremen grills are more than suitable. I own one myself and they're good ones to use. There are plenty of very high quality indoor electric grills on the market. they're better used for indoors rather than outdoors.

If you have an outdoor grill in mind, then there's no question that gas is the way to go. Gas grills provide a lot better flavor to meats. You can cook at higher temperatures. After all if you're going to buy a grill, you want to consider the best flavor for your meats. Gas grills for the most part are easy to operate, and just cook much more thoroughly in comparison to an electric.

The absolute best gas grills on the market are gas and charcoal. There's absolutely nothing that beats charcoal grills when it comes to flavor. Charcoal adds that smoke texture flavor to the meats. You can save a lot of money and just buy a cheap charcoal grill, but you won't be able to control the cooking temperatures like you would on a gas. So if you have the absolute best kind of grill in mind, then gas charcoal grills are the way to go. Wood chip gas grills are also highly recommended alternatives to charcoal. Like charcoal they'll provide that smokey texture to your meats.

Which Gas Grills are Best

When it comes to price range, you'll usually spend at least 0 to 0 dollars on a really nice gas grill. When it comes to price, it really varies a lot, and the higher the price really doesn't mean higher quality. I've seen some excellent gas grills cost as little as 0 dollars. The higher price ones are just the more heavily featured ones. If you like a lot different cooking options, then maybe the bigger and more spacious ones would be better for you.
One of the misconceptions about gas grills is BTUs, which doesn't really factor into how well it cooks. BTUs only specify the amount of heat that's used to cook. If you're going to buy a really big grill, then obviously the higher the BTUs are required to cook the meats properly. I'd only consider myself with how much BTUs are used, and compare with others, if you plan on buying a bigger gas grilling unit.

Some people love the features that include different cooking options on the grill like rotisserie, smoked flavor, and numerous other burner gadgets that just makes grilling more versatile for different kinds of dishes. I think the only real feature that matters is when you're able to control your cooking temperature. It's way too easy to overcook meats. When you have an actual thermometer, it helps quite a bit.

The best type of grills aren't just the ones that will cook meats thoroughly, but ones that are going to actually last. I always think a high quality grilling unit made of stainless steel is a durable product to purchase. Grills that are poorly made can rust easily, and stainless steel won't rust. Aluminum will rust.

Now, obviously you always want to factor customer feedback when looking to buy something of quality. Whether that's on consumer review, or just the ratings its receiving on the specific site you're looking to buy on. I always like to see what actual customers think of a product before investing a lot of money into something.

Best Cheap Gas Grill to Buy

Any good quality outdoor gas grill you buy will cost some money. If you're going to buy a quality gas grill then be prepared to spend at least 0 dollars. Even still that's a pretty good deal when it comes to both quality and low price. One of the top selling cheap gas BBQ grills on the market is the Char-Broil TRU Infrared Gas Grill. This is a really cool grill because it cooks meats a little differently compared to your traditional gas grill.

Instead of charcoal it uses wood chips. Wood chips is still good, and will still give that smokey flavor. Some prefer wood chips to charcoal. Infrared heating grills have become popular recently. These grills try to keep out dry heat from the weather when cooking. That tends to be the problem most have when cooking outdoors. Meats dry out quickly and overcook too often. This grill will limit the natural air flow used, and will grill at a minimum of 65 percent.

This is the number one selling freestanding small capacity grill on Amazon. It's small capacity wise where it barely takes up any room, yet spacious enough to cook 8 to 12 delicious burgers at a time. These are one of the few high quality grills that could probably even cook during cold weather. The Amazon reviews seem to suggest its a highly recommended product. It's going for prices under 0. Which is definitely cheap for a high quality home outdoor gas grill.

Char-Broil TRU Infrared Patio Bistro Infrared Gas Grill

Char-Broil TRU Infrared Patio Bistro Infrared Gas Grill

- 320 square inch of infrared grilling
- Stainless steel premium cooking grate
- Wood chips for smoky flavor
- 12,000 BTU burner system

Amazon Review

"Taking my time, it took me a little over two hours to assemble this grill, but it was worth it, for the large skinless/boneless chicken breasts that I grilled on it came out crisp on the outside and very juicy moist in the inside - very delicious. Amazing taste from only using sea salt and Malabar pepper corns from a ginder to season the chicken. Of course, I sprayed avocado oil on the grill and chicken too before grilling, which kept everything from sticking. Turning the knob to the lightning bolt automatically starts the grill, which I set to no. 4 to pre-heat for 15 minutes before laying the chicken on the grill at 600 deg. F. With the lid up, the temperature dropped to 500 and increased to 550 with lid down for cooking until done when the internal temperature of the chicken reached 165. Once the chicken was removed, the control knob was moved to the no. 5 position to burn off any residue at 700 degrees for 15 minutes. After shut down, the grill took 20 minutes to cool down. It is the perfect size to take with you in the trunk of your car to do offsite grilling. I am very satisfied with this gas fueled product."

Best Cheap Gas Grills for 200

Here are some more quality gas grills to buy online at Amazon. If you have a little bigger budget in mind, then you'll without a doubt likely be pleased with the collection of these top notch BBQ grills.
Outdoor Leisure 38208G Smoke Hollow Propane-Gas Smoker

Outdoor Leisure 38208G Smoke Hollow Propane-Gas Smoker

This is one of the most ideal kind of gas smoker grilling units t buy. I love that its not big at all, a great space saver, and perfect for cooking your favorite meats, vegetables, and other delicious favorites.

Dimplex Metro PBQ-120-METRO Tabletop Grill, Black

Dimplex Metro PBQ-120-METRO Tabletop Grill, Black

I love tabletop grills. They're so good, and easy to just cook foods up faster. They don't require as many BTUs, so in some ways they're better.

Camp Chef Pro 90 3 Burner Stove

Camp Chef Pro 90 3 Burner Stove

Who wouldn't enjoy a folding side shelves on their grill? Perfect to dice up some onions, mushrooms, and veggies to throw on the grill. A total of 90,000 BTU per hour when heated.

Char-Griller 1224 Smokin Pro 830 Square Inch Charcoal Grill with Side Fire Box

Char-Griller 1224 Smokin Pro 830 Square Inch Charcoal Grill with Side Fire Box

It goes without a saying, the best thing about this product is the side fire box included. This is also one of the few really great charcoal grills out on the market.

Best Cheap Gas Grills for 300

When it comes to the absolute best grilling units on the market. The price range is somewhere between 0 to 0. For wider budgets, and those looking for more key features on their outdoor grills, these are the absolute best ones going for 0.
Medina River Outdoors 61 Grill Master Large Bar B Q Grill

Medina River Outdoors 61 Grill Master Large Bar B Q Grill

A good spacious BBQ grill will come with strong caster wheels like this product. I love the steel wheels, and frame its made with. A durable and long lasting grilling unit.

Char Broil K6B 6-Burner 65,000 BTU Propane Gas Grill, with Sideburner

Char Broil K6B 6-Burner 65,000 BTU Propane Gas Grill, with Sideburner

With up to 65,000 BTUs, and a 10,000 BU side burner included, this is exactly the kind of grill to use for big cookouts with the family and friends. Stainless steel makes it strong, durable, and lasting product.

Char-Griller 16619 Kamado Kooker Charcoal Barbecue Grill and Smoker, Black

Char-Griller 16619 Kamado Kooker Charcoal Barbecue Grill and Smoker, Black

I like this product because despite its very small size, it can cook a lot of burgers at one time. Up to 23 at a time. I love insulated grilling units, since air tends to dry out the meat. One of the best on Amazon.

Weber 1438001 Performer Gold Charcoal Grill, Dark Blue

Weber 1438001 Performer Gold Charcoal Grill, Dark Blue

The weber grilling unit is my personal favorite. I love their product. I've never had one fail me, and this is one of their best featured ones to buy.

Best Portable Gas Grill to Buy

Table grills are cool for those that love to tailgate, travel, go to the beach, camp, fish, etc, during the warmer days of summer and spring. I love a good portable gas grill, since I love to be out and about during summer. This is currently the best portable tabletop gas grill on the market. This is a very spacious grilling unit despite its very small size. That's one of its key features. It's big enough to cook eight burgers, eight steaks, six to ten chickens, and four pounds of fish all at once. Having a big party? This small compact gas grill will cook a large amount of meats for hungry guests in no time.

The cooking unit will grill up to 500 degrees at a time. Weighing just 13 pounds its very easy to carry around to picnics, and other fun and exciting outdoor adventures. Not a lot of gas is required when cooking as well. Despite its small size, surprisingly, it will cook just like a big spacious gas grilling unit. Amazon customers absolutely love have fast it cooks, and how tasty it leaves the meats. A must buy for any grilling enthusiast!

Cuisinart CGG-180T Petit Gourmet Portable Tabletop Gas Grill

Cuisinart CGG-180T Petit Gourmet Portable Tabletop Gas Grill

- Portable gas grill 145 degree inch grilling area
- Cooks eight burgers, eight steaks, six to 10 chicken breast, and four pounds of fish at once
- 5,500 BTU stainless steel burner
- Weighs 13 pounds

Amazon Review

"My husband loves to grill in the summer, but we're always waiting for the charcoal to heat up, so I got him this small portable gas grill as a surprise. We could not be happier with it's performance! Easy set up right out of the box, quick heating to high temps, and easy clean up, we've already grilled on it a bunch since we got it because it's so convenient to use. It's a perfect size for just the two of us, but we've been able to grill plenty on it- steaks to perfection, sausage patties in a snap and even shrimp kabobs- enough food for us to have left-overs. I love the fact that it can be taken anywhere, and we're planning to bring it camping once the weather gets warmer. Light to carry and easy to clean, we've totally been converted from charcoal grilling with this little grill! My husband says it's so easy to grill on it he wants to cook outside all the time with it, and I don't mind that one bit. I think we'll even take it with us to the beach when we visit his brother- heck I love that we can take it with us anywhere. Very glad I made the decision to get this portable grill!"

Weber Smoke Joe Charcoal Grill

What can I say, I grew up on Weber charcoal grills. If you really want to buy the best outdoor barbecue grill for the absolute lowest price on the market. It doesn't' have to be gas or electric. This is without a doubt the absolute best for the lowest price. It's the old fashion grandfather's way of grilling outdoors. I personally think these are the best grills on the market. I love just dumping some charcoal, pouring some lighter fluid on top, and lighting up the grill the old fashion way with a match.

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