Abortion Bbc Ethics

Ethics theory is everywhere; we have to conduct them in all walks of our lives, these ethics are transferred to us from our parents and education. Just like the way ethics are meant for every field of our lives, media is a place where it should be employed the most because it is full of controversies and cases.

So, if you are in media studies, you will be asked to write media ethics essay for sure, you could use different media controversies to make your essay more interesting. A word of advice here is that before writing media ethics essay, decide whether you are in favor or in against of media. This will help you focus your mind on a particular media essay topic. Provide good arguments if you are writing against the contemporary media, for this you can get some ideas from the following article.

First Idea:

Include some well known cases:

If you are writing against the media to stress on the morality issues of it, then you could incorporate the following example in your ethics essays.

Controversy of John Bennett Ramsay:

John Benet Patricia Ramsay was brutally murdered at a very little age of six; she got her popularity from the child America Beauty Pageant and many other beauty contests. She was found dead in the basement of her house after when she was reported missing for eight hours. It became the centre for media coverage for many months because the mysteries involved in it, the media forgot its social responsibility and interefered a lot in her family's personal matter, they even questioned their parents affluence and high living standards.

Second Idea:

Include some incident that happened in your surroundings:

Look around yourself, are there any incidents that happened with your neighbors or in your surroundings that was treated badly by the media. Make sure, that they are true and authentic so that you can prove your stance in media ethical essay.

Third Idea:

Use the statements and view points:

People often believe in the statement made by the authoritative peoples or famous celebrities, search for the statements that are made against media by the well known peoples, this will make your media ethic essays more powerful.

Fourth Idea:

Include famous trials and cases filed against media:

You can make a good use of the famous media cases that clearly defines irresponsible behavior of the media, for example:

Black and Barney case:

Black and Barney filed a case against code of ethics for media where they gave two reasons to the news reporter in 1985, one of which was that the media code of ethics are inconsistent with the ideas of unregulated press as mentioned in the first amendment. You can further conduct the search to find out more about the Black and Barney case.

Hence, you must cleared with the idea that in every kind of media morality essay, you will be required to provide different argument that are strong enough to convince the reader of your stand point using different techniques that are given above.

abortion bbc ethics