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Irish Colleen Costume

Dreamgirl Women's St. Patrick's "Good Luck Charm" Costume

Traditional outfit for a green party day

A stylish costume for party night or for Paddy's Day itself. You can add to the effect by wearing other green items too such as a ribbon, hair, ankle or wrist band. The shamrock itself is worn in a small clump on your lapel or even on a green tiara.

Many Irish people just use a sprig of real shamrock attached to their coat or regular daytime attire.

The history green Ireland generates

When Ireland's green fields were decimated by the Famine in the mid 1800's millions of Irishmen and women departed these shores for pastures new. They arrived in Canada, America and Australia to make new lives for themselves and their families. And, thus it was, that Saint Patricks Day was celebrated around the world. The tradition continues to this day and nowhere is it more evident than in the New York parade which is one of the biggest in the world.

Expressing your Green side: Traditional 'Kiss me I'm Irish' green party shirt

There are so many cute Irish sayings and many of them are seen on Paddys Day in parades. A popular one is the kiss me Im Irish shirt (usually in green but other colors are available).

Women's Kelly Green Kiss Me Im Irish Shirt XL - Created using the words Kiss Me I'm Irish

Knock St Pats socks off

Eye popping stockings

Green and White Striped Thigh Highs Adult w/ Buckle

Green and White Stripy socks to WOW any Saint

Striped Thigh High Green and White Socks for St Paddy's Day. A great costume accessory whether you add the black buckles or not.

Wearing green on St. Patrick's Day is said to bestow on the wearer the 'luck of the Irish'. So, whatever way you celebrate this day make sure that you wear something GREEN!

St Patricks Day Girl

Lady Leprechaun costume

Woman's Leprechaun Costume

St Patricks Day costumes women can wear

Anything goes on March 17 and the more outrageous your costume the better. The only stipulation is that it is green and very 'Irish'.

The Leprechaun has long been associated with Ireland (Eire) and a great number of costumes based on this delightful character are used on Patricks Day.

St Patricks Day Hats

An over-large green hat shamrock covered is typical head wear on St Pats Day

Choose green shoes

Irish and proud of it - vote with your feet!

Shamrock (Green) Adult Shoes

Green socks

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first day of last period pregnancy calculator images