Not Feeling Pregnant Is This Normal

Although many women with fibroids are very worried when they are thinking about conceiving, getting pregnant with fibroids is not always as difficult as you may think. Indeed, for many women, fibroids are not even an issue, with many sailing through a completely normal pregnancy and birth without even realizing that they have this condition.

However, it is undeniably a problem for some women and very often, but not exclusively, it is those who experience symptoms on a regular basis who may experience problems before or during pregnancy.

Some women may experience miscarriage, difficult or lengthier labors or have complications due to fibroids. One survey has estimated that around 3% of all infertility patients may have fibroids. There is a danger that fibroids can block either the entrance to the cervix or the fallopian tube opening. There is also evidence that in some cases, a submucosal fibroid can distort the uterus to such an extent that an embryo may fail to implant or if implantation is successful, there is a chance of miscarriage as the growing fetus competes for space.

If your fibroids are not severe, getting pregnant with fibroids may not be an issue. Plus it is also worth considering that fibroids generally shrink during pregnancy, reverting to their pre-pregnancy size within a few months of delivery. However, it is advisable to visit your doctor before you try to become pregnant so she can determine the position and size of your fibroids and decide if any treatment is necessary.

If you know you have fibroids, for peace of mind it is worth considering using a natural treatment for fibroids before you begin trying to conceive. This could ensure that you are free of fibroids altogether or, at the very least, they have shrunk to a size where they cannot cause complications.

not feeling pregnant is this normal